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Another challenging subject. These levels have a less literal theme than the others, in fact it was understood from the start that the theme might pivot frequently around a central axis of "white", "technical" and "ethereal." We also always knew these would be some of the fastest levels.

To make the music sound other-worldly, a nonstandard mode is used (a mixture of phrygian, lydian, and mixolydian), except for the section consisting of great big open fifths.

Looking back, the intro can be a bit confusing. It's meant to introduce the ear to the unsual tonal content to come, but it doesn't have much in the way of a graspable melody, so it doesn't make sense until later in the song, ironically.

This is also one of many songs to make use of a particular texture I discovered. By mixing a staccato voice with a legato one, and by panning them differently, I get the drama and expressiveness of rapid chippy glissandi, and the punchyness and aggression of the rapidfire notes.


from Charlotte Seeker - Games On Cassette, released December 21, 2015



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Spencer Riedel Seattle, Washington

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